Businessman Mohamed Ali broadcasts new videos threatening Sisi and exposing more corruption

Egyptian businessman Mohamed Ali aired two other videos, revealing new corruption in the Egyptian army.

He also responded to the attack on the Egyptian media, on the grounds that he uncovered the facts of corruption, as well as some criticism and attack on him after the broadcast of his first video, especially after his father appeared in a television program to announce his acquittal.

In the third video released by Mohamed Ali, the businessman threatened Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi if he tried to attack his family or children.

He stressed that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was very interested in finishing his villa in the Helmiya area in Cairo while serving as defense minister, although the country was witnessing hot and dangerous events.

“Ali” criticized to bear the burden of the state to the engineering body of the armed forces, as well as the direct order of projects by the army.

He threatened to expose more incidents of corruption in the coming period, stressing that the only solution to silence him is to kill him.

He also revealed the cost of the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal in 2015, which amounted to 40 million pounds. He also revealed the establishment of a large number of villas for Sisi.

He scoffed at the head of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority’s response to Sisi, when he said his salary was 14,200 pounds, revealing that the former chairman and current transport minister Kamel al-Wazir had a number of villas in the Fifth Settlement area, and that a number of army brigades owned farms, real estate and owned millions.

In the fourth video published by the Egyptian businessman, he confirmed that the son of Major General Taher Abdullah, the head of the Engineering Authority in the Egyptian army, bought him his Ferrari car about two months ago, and that his company still has dealings with the army, and that it delivered a project in the governorate of Menoufia. Still implemented some modifications in a hotel.

Ali revealed that his company, Amlak, built a villa for Sisi after his appointment as defense minister at a cost of 60 million pounds, without the cost of decorations and furniture.

Al-Sisi came to inspect the villa with his family in the Helmeya area despite the outbreak of Al-Ittihadyah Palace events at the end of 2012 between supporters and opponents of the late President Mohamed Morsi and stipulated amendments during their tour. They also came periodically to preview the villa afterward.

El Sisi also revealed the establishment of 5 villas and a mansion for his residence in the Highkestep area, in addition to the tunnels under each of these buildings into 5 administrative buildings for the State Administration. But Sisi canceled the idea of staying in the palace and replaced it elsewhere.

Ali added that the engineering body gets tenders from government bodies and implemented for their own account, through branches run by officers, without paying taxes or insurance, unlike civilian companies that cannot compete with military companies in this case.

On the other hand, a number of supporters of the regime rejected the accusations of the contractor to Sisi and the army commanders, stressing that he is a corrupt contractor who profited from the army and bank loans, and that his real crisis is due to the tightening of the army to control the implementation of projects and details of spending, which led to the exposure of the contractor.

An Egyptian lawyer also filed a complaint against the Attorney General against Ali, accusing him of spreading false news with a view to provoking public opinion and insulting state institutions for the purpose of blackmailing and tarnishing Egypt’s image at home and abroad.

But other activists have republished an old video of Ali appearing with a close associate of the security services, Ahmed Moussa, who celebrated the Egyptian contractor exaggeratedly, asserting that Ali was already close to the authorities, and any accusation against him now would not be logical and would be a kind of angry response to what Mention of the charges in the video.

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