Egyptian regime exploits refugees for aid

The Egyptian regime is preparing to seek new aid, taking advantage of the presence of Syrian and African refugees in Egypt, al-Arabi al-Jadeed newspaper reported today. The newspaper added that there are leaks from diplomatic sources that the Egyptian regime will ask the major countries during the meeting of the G7 countries to allocate funds for refugees residing in Egypt.

Since the 2013 coup, the Egyptian regime has been demonizing and harassing refugees. The regime refused to allow new refugees and expelled many refugees on the grounds that their papers were incomplete. With the current economic situation deteriorating, the Egyptian regime views refugees as an opportunity to incite internal public opinion and bring money from abroad.

State newspapers are exploiting the economic activity of some refugees living in Egypt to stir up public opinion and create racial animosity against refugees. Government newspapers claim that refugees are the cause of unemployment and high prices, ignoring the role of government austerity policies and that refugees in Egypt does not exceed 300,000, which is small compared to the population of 100 million Egyptian.

Externally, the regime is attracting aid from international organizations under the pretext of helping refugees. Sisi, who seized power in a 2013 coup, intends to ask major countries to allocate monthly aid to the Egyptian government related to refugees. The regime is upset about their current situation.

The United Nations usually grants refugees monthly cash subsidies for housing and food. But circles close to Sisi are putting forward the idea of assembling refugees in closed camps, obtaining funds from the United Nations and distributing food to refugees through military owned companies, a model that some Arab countries are applying to exploit the refugee situation to enrich those close to the regime.

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