Rights Organizations monitor increase in abuses against women

The Egyptian Front for Human Rights has monitored in a report cases of torture and serious abuses against women detainees in regime prisons. The organization cited several examples to show the extent to which the regime’s culture of torture is rooted.

The organization cited the example of Jamila Hassan, who is being held on trumped-up charges and suffering from epilepsy, but the regime refuses to introduce her. During the presentation to the prosecution, her condition worsened, but the prosecutor ignored her health and ordered a renewal.

Some women have also begun to strike inside prisons to protest the inhumane conditions. According to press sources, Aisha Khairat al-Shater went on an open strike because of the violations she is subjected to. The prison authorities place her in a solitary cell without any charges being brought against her.

The organization also mentioned human rights lawyer Huda Abdel Moneim, who was arrested by the regime for her human rights activities. She suffers from severe medical negligence within the prison and her health has deteriorated.

Journalists have not been spared these violations, as the example of journalist Alia Awad shows that the authorities are ignoring press freedom. The authorities arrested her from inside the courtroom while filming a trial of dissidents by virtue of her work as a journalist. She remains in detention without charge.

All this comes amid claims by the regime to respect women’s rights and empowerment. But human rights reports expose the regime’s repressive practices.

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