The Government discusses charging right of usage fees on coastal beaches

Egypt’s Minister of Local Development Mahmoud Sharawi announced that Prime Minister

Mustafa Madbouli has decided to form a legal committee to study the decision to acquire the

right to use coastal beaches and the value due.

The Minister of Local Development explained that if the study is completed, the state is entitled

to receive the right to use, the value will be determined, who will bear it, and how and how to

collect it.

It is worth mentioning that there was a widespread controversy in Egypt after the head of the

Da’ba center confirmed the collection of these fees in statements leading to his dismissal from


According to press reports, the Egyptian military controls 60 percent of the country’s economy,

and the value of infrastructure projects built by the military exceeds $1.5 billion. The Carnegie

Center described the Egyptian armed forces as the supervisor and first observer of the Egyptian


Others argue that the military is not manufactured but is a broker seeking to control the Egyptian

economy, by restricting local industries and establishing laws limiting imports for non-military

people, and when importing materials, it sells at times the old price.

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