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American and British reveal their suffering during detention in Egypt.

Two students, a British and an American , have reported new details of their suffering following their arrest in Egypt on the back of protests in September.

The British student, “Ralph Shelcock,” said that he is studying at the American University in Cairo, near Tahrir Square, and he went down to buy some of his needs, accompanied by a friend, but security forces arrested them.

“They inspected our bags and mobile phones, arresbted me for two hours, arrested my friend Aaron for two hours and took him. They didn’t tell me what happened to him,” Shelcock said in an interview with ” Nafitha ala Misr” broadcast on London-based Al-Hiwar channel.

4 days in prison:

The American student, “Aaron Boim,” said that he spent four days in an Egyptian prison for sending news articles to his friends about what was happening in Egypt at the time of the protests, last month.

He added: “We were stopped in Talaat Harb (near Tahrir), where I was with my friend to buy food, and the police asked us to open our phones, and inspected all social media applications.”

“They interrogated us for about two hours, and they told me that they wanted to continue interrogating me for another hour. When they blindfolded me they put me in a car and took me, but they never told me why I was detained or what the problem. There was no justification.” Boim said.
American and British reveal their suffering during detention in Egypt.
“After three hours of interrogation, they shouted at me, and they repeated that I am a spy, working for the CIA, and that resubmitting articles from Middle East Eye, The Washington Post and the New York Times to my friends was intelligence.”

16 hours interrogating:

“I was interrogated for 16 hours, while I was blindfolded all the time,” he said. “The embassy even had trouble to find me, even though they knew where I was, unlike many of the people I met in prison. My embassy knew where I was because I was very lucky as Ralph told them, ” He added.

Boim warned US President Donald Trump of silence and complicity with corrupt regimes against people’s will.

The Egyptian authorities arrested dozens of different nationalities on the pretext of participating in demonstrations calling for overthrow of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi – who seized power by the coup of 2013 – and later released them after demands from their embassies.

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