British art gallery in response to Johnson’s anti-Islamic statements.

The British Museum in London embrace an art gallery that monitors the influence of the Muslim world on Western art for centuries.

The gallery, which runs from October 10 to January 20, 2020, aims to respond to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who stated that “Muslims are civilized backward because of Islam.”

The museum published on its official Facebook page, an introduction to the gallery explaining the impact of Islamic art on Western culture and art for centuries, as well as how Islamic art has left a mark and a milestone in the history of plastic art globally, such as the art of decoration on carpets, ceramics and glass, photography, jewelry and clothes.

Muslim woman:

The gallery concludes with four artists from the Middle East and North Africa. Those who continue to ask the question of the identity of Muslim women in their art works, with the discussing of Oriental art works history and their most prominent features.

Art critic Melanie McDonough says the gallery simply tries to cover all the relations between the Christian West and the Muslim world, noting that the gallery covers not only the Ottoman Caliphate, but also North Africa and Persia.

Last year, Johnson made anti-Muslim statements, describing, in a column in the British Telegraph newspaper, Muslim women wearing burqas (niqabs) as “mailboxes” and “bank robbers.”

 British art gallery in response to Johnson's anti-Islamic statements.

The Thunderbolt Sultan:

The museum used the painting of the Ottoman sultan “Bayezid I” as a slogan for the gallery. Bayezid I ruled from 1389 to 1402, and was also known as the “The Thunderbolt Sultan”. He is the fourth ruler of the Ottoman Caliphate.

During his rule, he expanded the area of his “Empire” in the Balkans and Anatolia, and defeated the Christian army to secure his position in the region.

The gallery comes in cooperation with the Malaysian Museum of Islamic Art, which will open the second part of the gallery in Malaysia immediately after its completion in Britain.

A large number of Western artworks that have never been exhibited in the West are scheduled to be exhibited after a large number of Oriental and Islamic works have been exhibited in Britain.

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