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Arrest of activists, renewal of imprisonment of September protesters

With the anniversary of the January revolution approaching, the regime is seeking to arrest a large number of activists in order to intimidate large sectors of the population from responding to calls to demonstrate in January against the Sisi regime. Arrests and procedures for the renewal of the demonstrations increased.

Renewal of the imprisonment of 30 September protesters

Lawyer for the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms said that, on Sunday, the Al-Dekheila and Al-Amiriya College decided, on Sunday, to renew the imprisonment of 30 accused for another 15 days, pending their accusation in case No. 1413 of 2019 State Security.

And case 1413 of 2019 is a state security inventory, it is copied from case No. 1338 of 2019 state security, known medialy as the issue of the September 20 arrests.

In the case, the defendants face charges of spreading false news, participating in a terrorist group, knowing its aims, and misusing social media.

“Cairo Criminal” complements the trial of 12 accused of joining the Sinai Province organization.

Cairo Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Mohamed Sherine Fahmy, will complete today, Sunday, December 29, the trial of 12 accused pending case No. 1039 of 2016, restricting the security of the Supreme State, and those interested in joining the Sinai Province organization.

The case includes 6 accused persons in prison, 5 in absentia and one accused who was released on precautionary measures, according to the referral decision issued by the Supreme State Security Prosecution.

Arrest of activists, renewal of imprisonment of September protesters

The continued enforced disappearance of Atef Khalil and his son

The security forces in Giza Governorate are still forcibly concealing “Atef Abdel-Alim Muhammad Khalil, 59, and his son” Abdel-Alim Atef Abdel-Alim Muhammad Khalil, “24, for the seventh consecutive day, since their arrest on Sunday December 22, from the front of his house in Giza. While the son was arrested from the house at dawn on Monday, that is, after his father several hours, without legal support, and they were taken to an unknown destination until now.

7 girls released in the case of solidarity with «Mahmoud Al Banna»
Today, Sunday, December 29, the Supreme State Security Prosecution in Cairo decided to release seven daughters after ruling “Muhammad Rajeh” in the case of solidarity with “Mahmoud Al-Banna”, known as the “Shaheed Al-Shahama”.

Arbitrary detention of the citizen «Mohammed Abdul Ghani» from his home in Mansoura

Security forces in Dakahlia Governorate arrested, on Saturday, December 28, the citizen “Mohamed Abdel-Ghani”, from his apartment in Mansoura, broke the apartment and took all his belongings, without legal basis, and he was taken to an unknown destination until now.

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