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Egypt .. An officer beats a detained female journalist

An Egyptian National Security officer beat journalist Alia Awad, during her last trial session in the media-known case “Helwan Brigades,” despite her deteriorating health condition and deliberate medical neglect, according to human rights sources.

The sources reported that the officer attacked Alia during the trial session, and slapped her on the face, after he found a paper has her name written on it, accusing her of being the source of that paper, which the arrested journalist denied.

Deterioration of her Psychological State:

According to the sources, this caused a severe deterioration of her psychological state, which prompted her lawyer to ask the court to investigate the incident of abuse and take legal action against the assailant officer, which was rejected by the court.

According to human rights sources, the health situation of Alia in her prison (Al-Qanater prison for women) has deteriorated due to the deliberate medical neglect. As the prison administration refused to provide medical care to her despite the need for urgent surgical intervention due to her continuous bleeding.

Egypt .. An officer beats a detained female journalist

Alia was subjected to fainting in the dock during her previous trial session, which prompted the court to call an ambulance and prepare a report of her condition, which revealed that she is suffering from an abscess and was suspected of having a fistula in the back.

3 Surgeries inside her Prison:

The detained journalist performed 3 surgeries in her prison to remove tumors on the uterus, in addition to the presence of kidney stones. But her health condition deteriorated due to medical neglect.

Alia was arrested in September 2014 and forcibly disappeared for a month, and then appeared on the case of “Helwan Brigades.”

The Cairo Criminal Court had released her in March 2016 pending the case, and during her attendance at a trial session, in October 2017, security forces arrested her again and placed her in Al-Qanater prison.

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