Pollution levels exposes regime false promises on clean environment

The Central Department of Air Quality at the Ministry of Environment has warned of an increase in pollution levels in Greater Cairo air in the coming days.

This government statement came to reveal the falsehood and lies of the regime’s claims about improving the environment . Where Sisi held several conferences in which he pretended to focus on the environmental dimension in Egypt. The system spent billions of pounds hosting host delegates from around the world to talk about the environment and biodiversity.

Advertising directed abroad

The system was afraid of external pressure on it due to increasing global environmental awareness and climate change issues. Therefore, the system held several conferences and hosted some experts to show formal interest. This is to satisfy its European allies, who view with concern environmental changes such as climate change. This is so that they can justify their continued support for the system.

The reality of the environmental situation

Egypt has been living an environmental catastrophe for many years. Where a black cloud forms over major cities due to the accumulation of exhausts and gases from factories without a real plan to overcome the problem of environmental pollution.

Pollution levels exposes regime false promises on clean environment

High levels of pollution to dangerous levels

The Central Administration of Air Quality at the Ministry of Environment stated that the degree of air purity may reach zero, which is the case in which the pollution rate is higher than the acceptable limit, indicating a prediction of the condition of air quality over 3 days including (Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday) in the various governorates.

The quality of air quality is divided into three levels, each marked with a color.

Red symbolizes low purity, yellow for medium purity, and green for high purity.

The Central Administration of Air Quality confirmed that the critical period is the period in which the weather conditions are ready to concentrate pollutants to rise above the permissible limit.

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