Assassination of Sisi: lawyer incitement against Jamal Rayan

Lawyer Tariq Mahmoud submitted a statement to the Attorney General, in which he accused the Palestinian-Jordanian media in the Al-Jazeera channel, Jamal Rayan, of “instigating the assassination of the leader of the military coup Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and insulting the Egyptian state and its institutions.”

Lawyer “Tariq Mahmoud”, one of the lawyers known for their communications against the opposition, said in his communication: “Jamal Rayan published through his personal account on the social networking site“ Twitter ”statements in which he incited the assassination of Sisi, and some heads of Arab countries, by calling for the formation of assassination teams to carry out Those crimes, which represents a crime of direct incitement to target Sisi.

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“Tariq” accused broadcaster Gamal Rayan, one of the prominent broadcasters of Al-Jazeera, of “insulting the Egyptian state and its institutions, and intentionally harming the public interest.”

A communication against “Jamal Rayan” by inciting the assassination of “Al-Sisi” .. The journalist replied Jamal Rayan

Likewise, “spreading chaos in the country, disturbing social security and peace, and destabilizing the country and internal security.”

The lawyer demanded “to open expanded, urgent and immediate investigations into the facts of the submitted communication, and to issue an immediate and urgent decision to seize and bring against him the report, Jamal Rayan, for committing crimes of incitement to assassinate Sisi, insulting the state’s institutions, intentionally harming the public interest, spreading chaos in the country, and disturbing social security and peace” ”

Assassination of Sisi: lawyer incitement against Jamal Rayan

Likewise, “destabilization of the country and the internal security of the country, as well as calling for the name of the author against him to be placed on the waiting lists, and for his arrest upon his arrival.”

He stressed the need to “notify INTERPOL to include the name of Jamal Rayan against whom the complaint is submitted on the Red Bulletin’s list to arrest him, hand him over to the Egyptian authorities, and refer him to an urgent criminal trial.”

Threats against media opponents of the regime

For his part, Jamal Rayan commented on the case filed against him on Twitter: “I will not bow down, nor will I relinquish a case against Sisi and his media apparatus, documented by fabricated sexual photos, films and Egyptian TV programs, and my honor, my father, my mother and my family are raised by international human rights organizations in The Hague where a court International crimes.

He added: “I will not concede my case against Al-Sisi and his false information in international courts, except by the release of my colleague Mahmoud Hussein, by closing this fabricated newspaper and compensating $ 100 million, which I donate to the children of Palestine # Egypt.”

It is noteworthy that “Rayan” tweeted on his official page on Twitter a few days ago, saying: “A question for Sisi: The former presidents of Egypt did not leave the rule of Egypt voluntarily, except by killing, isolation or ousting. Have you ever thought about any fate awaiting you?”

“What is your interest in standing with Israel against the issues of the Arab and Islamic nation?” What is your interest in standing against the peaceful transfer of power and killing the people in Egypt? ”

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