Health study: Egypt is the most vulnerable to the new virus

A research study confirmed that the most vulnerable African countries to spread the Corona virus are Egypt, Algeria and South Africa.

Weak Egyptian health preparations

The Egyptian regime tried to provide a state of reassurance to the public about preparations to confront the virus. However, the weak capabilities and the lack of adequate funding for the health sector caused many doubts about the feasibility of these measures. The health sector in Egypt suffers from a sharp deterioration due to the reduction in the allocations granted to it in the state’s general budget. The new virus poses a major threat to the health of Egyptians.

And while 24 countries around the world have recorded cases of HIV infection, no African country has announced the presence of the virus so far.

The French newspaper Le Monde reported on Tuesday that a research team from Harvard, the Sorbonne and Brussels universities published a study showing that the three countries are the first group most vulnerable to the spread of the epidemic in the brown continent.

The study indicated that this was based on the relations of these countries with China and their weak preparedness for epidemics.

The study indicated that it relied on the standards of the monitoring and evaluation framework of the International Health Regulations of the World Health Organization in identifying two indicators of the extent of countries’ preparedness and response to epidemics.

It also depended on economic, social and health indicators and analysis of air traffic between China and Africa.

According to the criteria adopted in the study, air traffic is one of the most important factors that can accelerate the outbreak.

The researchers studied flight data between Africa and various Chinese regions over the past year, in addition to the frequency of flights at its most important airports.

Egypt faces great risks due to the new virus

Egypt was rated highly in terms of readiness and response capacity, as it scored 87 out of 100, its score in vulnerability was 53 out of 100.

According to the results of the study, the researchers concluded that the group most vulnerable to outbreaks of the virus is Egypt, Algeria and South Africa.

They are followed by a second group, which includes Nigeria and Ethiopia, which are countries with a high population density.

Health study: Egypt is the most vulnerable to the new virus

On Tuesday, the National Health Commission of China announced that the number of new corona virus victims has risen to 1017, and 42,638.

A statement issued by the committee stated that the number of deaths from the Corona virus during the last 24 hours has reached 108 deaths, which is the largest number of deaths in one day since the emergence of the disease.

“Corona” is a family of viruses, but only 6 of them infect humans, and the new one is the seventh of the same killer family.

Symptoms of HIV infection include respiratory infections, fever, coughing and difficulty breathing, and more severe cases can cause infection, pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death, according to the World Health Organization.

The mysterious virus appeared on December 12, 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan, but it was officially revealed by Beijing in mid-January.

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