Sinai bombing kills senior officer in the Egyptian military

Sources reported to the island that the commander of the 134th Infantry Brigade, a mechanic of the 18th Division of the Egyptian Second Army, and his companions were killed in a bombing that targeted his car on the international road in al-Touloul area, east of Bir al-Abd, north of Sinai. According to the same sources, the dead officer is a brigadier general.

The army is committing a horrific massacre in the Sinai

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior had announced earlier that the security forces had killed 17 armed men, “according to their claim,” in al-Arish, in North Sinai.

An Interior Ministry statement said that an exchange of fire took place when the police forces raided the militants ’hideout, indicating that the group was involved in targeting the armed forces and the police, according to the statement.

On Monday, the military spokesman for the Egyptian Armed Forces announced that seven soldiers were killed and wounded, in a clash with gunmen in North Sinai Governorate.

Sinai bombing kills senior officer in the Egyptian military

Colonel Tamer Al-Rifai said – in a statement on his Facebook page – “The armed forces elements managed to thwart a terrorist attack,” as he described it, “on one of the security pillars in North Sinai.”

He added that the security force was able to confront and engage the attacking elements, eliminate ten “terrorists” as described in the statement, and destroy a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

He added that “as a result of the exchange of fire, two officers and five (military) ranks (ranks) were wounded and killed,” and that the forces were carrying out “combing and pursuit” activities in the area that witnessed the clash.

A war without end in Sinai

Since February 2018, the Egyptian army has been waging an ongoing military operation throughout the country against what it says are armed organizations, most notably the Sinai Province organization that pledged allegiance to the state in late 2014.

The Egyptian regime is using that war to intimidate the Egyptians from the consequences of demanding freedoms in the presence of security threats The regime was the cause of it.

The regime also ignites the ongoing war in the Sinai to obtain international support to fight alleged terrorism.

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