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Detention of journalist despite release order issued by court

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information condemned today, Thursday, the security“>security forces in the October 3rd police station that detained Al-Nahar channel correspondent, Abdel Rahman Yassin, for the tenth day.

The Arab Network condemns the detention of Al-Nahar correspondent for the tenth day after his release from the Arabic Network

This comes after the decision to replace his pretrial detention in Case No. 1250 of 2019, restricting state security to a precautionary measure.

A decision to release was not implemented

The Arabic Network added that the Giza Criminal Court had decided to release the TV reporter Abdel Rahman Yassin, on February 4 of this year, with one of the precautionary measures stipulated in the Criminal Procedure Law, and the State Security Prosecution did not appeal the decision to become a final decision, and despite the completion of all legal procedures for his release, it was not implemented The decision so far, on the pretext of waiting for the national security signal.

Detention of journalist despite release order issued by court

The Arab Network confirmed that the National Security Agency was not satisfied with the six months that Abdel Rahman Yassin spent in prison since he was kidnapped at the end of last July 2019, including a period of enforced disappearance for more than 15 days, so the National Security officers decided to disable the judicial decision to release him.

Detention in violation of the law

The Arabic Network said that “the continued detention of citizens in police headquarters despite their release due to the alleged wait for the national security signal – which is not related to the law – has become a phenomenon that the public prosecutor and law enforcement officials must address.”

The Arabic Network called on the competent authorities to quickly implement the court‘s decision, release Abdul Rahman Yassin, and stop wasting the rule of law and judicial decisions.

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