Election: regime to use National Party leaders to boost turnout

In conjunction with the ninth anniversary (February 11) of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster in the aftermath of the January 25, 2011 revolution, and the National Party was dissolved by a judicial ruling, the Ministry of Interior’s National Security Agency began to lead the process of revitalizing and dissolving the bases of the dissolved party in The Future Party, which the security apparatus took over, in the wake of the September 20 demonstrations.

Political sources revealed that the leaders of the apparatus in the provinces met with poles of the dissolved National Party, and a number of businessmen who were within its basic formation, to agree on their inclusion in the “Future of the Homeland” party, and grant them leadership positions in the party’s structures within its new version, in the context of preparations for the elections for both houses.

Representatives and elders scheduled for next November.

Control of voters through tribal nervousness

According to a former leader of the National Party, the national security and decision-makers in the country have realized that they cannot create a parliament and political life that is under control and that fulfills the purpose of the political system.

He continued, “The political life in Egypt is different from anywhere else, which is not perceived by the political elites at present in Egypt, because the rules of the voters have different characteristics, and the vast majority of them are poor, facilitating their control from this door, in addition to another sector in the governorates of Upper Egypt, control takes place.

Them through tribes, families and their elders. ”

He added, “Initially, those responsible for managing the policy, who were from the General Intelligence Service, wanted to choose the candidates for the elections, from young people or personalities who do not have political history or popular work, who appeared in the aftermath of June 30, 2013, then they ask us to finance And spending on party activities, without being ahead or appearing in the scene, and this is something that would not have been straightforward.

Election: regime to use National Party leaders to boost turnout

” The source pointed out that “things have now returned to normal.

We are the ones who mobilize in national events and take the lead in the local scene and control the street.”

The return of the leaders of the National Party

In turn, a source from within the party revealed that the responsibility of the National Security Service stands when arranging the seats offered in the upcoming parliamentary elections, while responsibility for the seats that will be assigned to other departments rests.

And the recent period witnessed the return of prominent names to political life through the “Future of the Nation” portal, most notably the businessman Mohammed Abu Al-Enein, owner of Sada Al-Balad satellite channel and head of the Industry Committee in Mubarak’s Parliaments, who was assigned the position of deputy head of the party, in addition to businessman Adel Nasser, undersecretary of the Development Committee Local in the last parliament before the January 25 revolution, who took over as assistant party leader.

Nasser was one of the prominent names tried after the January 25 revolution, in a case related to the operation of the funds of the State Security Agency of the Ministry of Interior before changing his name to the National Security Agency.

To this, Hisham Badawi Desouki accused the candidate in the supplementary elections for the Giza Chamber of Deputies, who is competing with the candidate Mohamed Abu El-Enein, the security services to support the candidate of the “Future of the Nation” party, pointing out that the devices left the stage for the candidate by rigging the elections and buying votes.

Desouki said in a video that he had set all the national ID cards of poor voters for 100 pounds ($ 6.5) for the unified vote,

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