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French channel: Ben Salman is a reckless dictator

A documentary aired by French Channel 5 described Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is explicitly seen as the de facto ruler of the kingdom, as “a deceitful, reckless and dictator who leads his country to the abyss.”


The 75-minute documentary was titled “Mohammed bin Salman, Prince of Saudi Arabia“, by renowned French director Antoine Vitken, and was followed by a discussion with a number of Saudi specialists.

He began with an imagined monologue of “Bin Salman” and defines himself as follows: “I am Mohammed bin Salman, known by the acronym MPS, i am 34 years old. I am the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, accused of assassinating a journalist (Jamal Khashoggi) and kidnapping a foreign leader (Saad Hariri). I am waging a bloody war in Yemen and i am suppressing all those who oppose me. I am considered reckless, yet I am greeted very warmly.”

“My country has huge oil reserves. I’m the main customer of the Western arms industry. I am a key partner in the fight against terrorism. I am making economic reforms to change my country, and you are also enriched by your role. I can’t be spared. I am your ally, but this is for paid.”

The Horror of the Arab Spring

According to the film’s director, the Saudi regime needed an impulsive young man like Bin Salman to save him from extinction because he has been terrified since the Arab revolutions that toppled autocratic Arab leaders like them, and the growing demands for human rights at home that have been met with power and repression.

U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Joseph Sithal says that during his meeting with Bin Salman, he was assured of a firm belief that “Saudi Arabia is threatened by a great catastrophe and devastation.”

French channel: Ben Salman is a reckless dictator

Washington Post columnist Sean Harris said a secret CIA report warned the administration against bin Salman taking office, describing him as “a young man with no experience and recklessness, and who can be dangerous because he is sometimes unstable.

The Siege of Qatar

The film highlighted the saudi crown prince’s investment in a number of regional issues, including the “siege of neighboring Qatar, the war in Yemen, and the hostility of Iran”, in order to appear as a political and military leader at the regional and international levels, and to silence all voices within the Saudi regime that question his abilities to take responsibility.

The film reveals through a number of his guests, including Harris, that the Saudi crown prince deceived Western public opinion and a number of world capitals by announcing unprecedented projects and reforms through pieces with Wahhabi ideology, with the aim of covering up the security grip and repression of all voices opposed to it.

The film concludes that Western countries have turned a blind eye to all serious human rights violations committed by the Saudi regime, especially since bin Salman took office, because they are governed by economic interests, and do not want to cause new chaos in an already burning area that could be further blown up.

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