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“Great Dawn” campaign A youth awakening challenges the occupation

Social media calls to meet the call of al-Aqsa Mosque in the Great Dawn campaign in its second month, and to support and support worshippers in Al-Aqsa in occupied Jerusalem and the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron.

We’re all the most extreme protectors.

The invitations came under the slogans “We are all protectors of al-Aqsa”, “Al-Aqsa is our responsibility to all of us”, and “Al-Aqsa is the compass of the nation and the address of its unit”, to perform prayers at dawn on Friday, February 14.

Dozens of invitations were widespread in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the occupied interior to participate in fajr prayers as part of the “Great Dawn” campaign, which was concentrated in the central mosques of Palestinian cities and towns.

The campaign has crossed Palestine


The invitations were not limited to mosques in Palestine, but went beyond borders, barriers and sieges, and originated in the countries and Arab countries, such as Turkey, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, and a number of other Arab and Islamic countries.

The allegations were made at a time when the occupation authorities intensified the abuse of Palestinians and the desecration of holy sites, the most difficult of which were decisions to exclude and empty the Al-Aqsa Mosque from worshippers, targeting more than 100 Palestinians under various charges.

Thousands of citizens are expected to participate in the Great Dawn campaign tomorrow, friday, in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the mosques of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in general.

Maximum protection

Citizens stressed that protecting al-Aqsa from the dangers of judaization and partition begins with intensifying the presence and challenging the occupation measures in the mosque, and addressing settler incursions.

The occupation authorities responded to the Great Dawn campaign by escalating their attack on citizens and worshippers, arresting and deporting, shooting and beating, breaking into al-Aqsa courtyards after fajr prayers, attacking the participants in the campaign, and arresting dozens of them, even the vendors of cakes, tea and coffee were not spared from abuse.

Youth Awakening

In a press statement, educator Sa’id Abu al-Baha explained that “the campaigns and calls of the Great Dawn that have recently spread in the West Bank are part of the youth awakening to emphasize the Arabism and Islamism of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron.”

Abu al-Baha said that these calls came to remind everyone that the role of the mosque goes beyond the performance of worship, to be the starting point towards consolidating national and Islamic rights on this blessed land of Zionist ambitions in judaization and control of our holy places.

The campaign disrupted the occupation.

For his part, Hamas leader Majid Hassan pointed out that the influence of the crowds of worshippers for fajr prayers has become confusing for the occupying power, as it is a phenomenon that he did not know before.

“In my estimation, the architecture of the mosques, by performing fajr prayers in them, in addition to being a source of wageand good, is a way to prepare a generation that has begun the first steps in winning over oneself and its desires,” Hassan said.

He stressed that imran Muslims from Palestine for their mosques in fajr prayers, especially the Al-Aqsa Mosque, will undoubtedly become one of the weapons of resistance, in which the people of Palestine resist the brutal occupation of their land and holy places.

Break for partition project

According to activist Tamer Sabaana, the Great Dawn campaign has provoked the occupation army, so it narrows down the worshippers and keeps them tracked down and prevents buses that take them to al-Aqsa Mosque, because he realizes that The Great Dawn is a break with the project of dividing al-Aqsa and controlling it.

"Great Dawn" campaign A youth awakening challenges the occupation

The Great Dawn campaign is really a campaign of victory against ourselves and our enemy, God willing, the Great Dawn campaign, perhaps an opportunity for all of us to be the beginning of change in our lives and to return to our religion and prayer, is an opportunity for positive change and a return to the mosques,” he said.

The Great Dawn terrorized the so-called “Temple Communities”

For his part, the writer and researcher Al-Maqdisi Ziad Ahis said that the great dawn terrorizes and angers the occupation, so that the Zionist “temple groups” are preparing and repulsive with every Friday dawn, its members wake up before dawn, closely watch the events of Al-Aqsa, and follow the numbers carefully and wish them if they are theirs.

The temple groups are now demanding that Netanyahu open the al-Aqsa for them on Friday and Saturday, believing that the numbers of al-Mourats will be reduced by their presence, which has not really happened on the ground.

Hisham Yaacoub, head of research and information at the Jerusalem International Foundation in Beirut, said the Great Dawn campaign should not be limited to prayer.

He suggested simple ideas that carried messages and were doable in the context of interaction with the campaign, such as the imams of the mosques delivering a word that did not exceed two minutes after the fajr prayer supplication about the duty of the nation to support al-Aqsa and it was filmed and disseminated.

He noted that a number of young people should dress like Palestinian deaths during fajr prayers and take a picture after prayers, and if they can chant a song, speak a word or divide the oath of al-Aqsa and spread it, in addition to reading the Qur’an and opening live broadcasts on social media.

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