Saudi Arabia is changing the view of Muslims towards Jews.

The American website “The Hill” said that the Saudi authorities are working to change the perceptions of Muslims, especially those related to the view of Jews.

Muslims hate Jews.

According to an article by American writer James Zumwalt, published on the site, Muslims generally hate Jews, but leaders of the Muslim world, especially in Saudi Arabia, are trying to change that mentality.

He noted that the Saudi authorities are using the concept of “slow fumigation in their quest to manage the change of Islam to gradually stabilize the Middle East” in order to accept Jews.

“Slow steam is a concept in which container ships operate at low speeds to reduce engine voltage, save energy, reduce emissions, and improve efficiency, and has proven that slowness is sometimes better than speed,” he said.

Saudi Initiatives

The author cited Saudi initiatives that show what it is seeking to do through it, explaining that the most prominent of the “Makkah Document” in May 2019, during a conference of the Association of the Islamic World.

The conference, which was attended by more than 1,200 Muslim leaders representing 139 countries and 27 sects, had sought to implement changes of a comprehensive nature and had sought to declare that “Islamism” was not representative of Islam.

Saudi Arabia is changing the view of Muslims towards Jews.

He also offered for the first time the acceptance of universal equality of human rights for all, as part of a change in the rule that “Muslims outperform all human beings”.

Changing Muslim mentality

In fact, the Saudi document attempts to change the mentality of Muslims towards “non-believers”, especially Jews, he said, referring to Saudi participation in the memory of Nazi camps.

“The leader of the Saudi delegation to the Holocaust Memorial Site described the visit as a sacred duty and a profound honor, and he bowed to the ground as he led the prayer for the million Jews killed there,” he said.

Prominent Saudi writer Turki al-Hamad has called on his country’s authorities to allow Jewish Israelis to visit the graves of their ancestors buried in the kingdom’s territory, in a new sign showing the escalation of normalization between Riyadh and Tel Aviv.

Officially, there are no diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, but recent years have seen a great rapprochement between them, and relations have increased further in the past few weeks.

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