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Security Council adopts resolution calling for ceasefire in Libya

The UN Security Council has approved a British draft resolution calling for a ceasefire in Libya, as part of the Berlin International Conference.

Russia abstains

The draft resolution, no. 2510, on Wednesday-Thursday night, won the approval of 14 of the council’s 15 members, while Russia abstained despite having a veto.

The Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Ambassador Vassily Nibezia, promised that the resolution was “a jog on the part of the members of the Security Council.”

“We would have preferred to wait until the military committee of the “5+5” reached an agreement on a ceasefire, and then supported it by a resolution, rather than pre-empting the agreement with a resolution describing something that does not yet exist,” Nebezia said.


The resolution calls on the Libyan parties to abide by the ceasefire, based on what is agreed in the 5+5 committee.”

The commission is made up of five military personnel by the Libyan Government and like them by Haftar and meets under the auspices of the United Nations.

The resolution calls on all UN member states to abide by the arms embargo imposed on Libya under Resolution 1970, 2011.

Compliance with the rules

The UN resolution also condemns the recent “embargo on Libyan oil facilities” by Haftar‘s forces and stresses that “they must continue to work for the Libyan people.”

The African Union, the Arab League and the European Union are calling for a determination on how they support the UN mission in Libya.
The resolution also called on Libyan parties to “fully comply with all their obligations under international law, including international humanitarian law.”

Increasing numbers of mercenaries

He expressed concern about “the increasing participation of mercenaries in Libya,”” stressing that the situation in the country continued to pose a threat to international peace and security. Progress towards a political solution to end the conflict is necessary.”

Security Council adopts resolution calling for ceasefire in Libya

In return, the Security Council welcomed its resolution on the “Meetings of the Joint Military Commission (5+5), calling for continued meetings of full participation and without delay, in order to agree on a permanent ceasefire, including conditions for ceasefire monitoring, verification mechanism, separation of forces and confidence-building measures, The establishment of working groups with the participation of the United Nations.”

The resolution condemned the recent increase in levels of violence, stressing that the parties were required to abide by the ceasefire.

Returning to the political track

The UN resolution contains the most significant results of an international conference hosted in Berlin on January 19th, with the participation of 12 countries and 4 regional and international organizations, and called on all parties to return to the political process in order to address the Libyan conflict.

On January 12th, on a Russian-Turkish initiative, a ceasefire truce was launched between the internationally recognized Government of Accord and the forces of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar, who is trying to take control of the country militarily with the support of the UAE, Egypt, France and Russian mercenaries.

Haftar‘s militias are breaking the ceasefire on a daily basis through their attacks on Tripoli, the seat of the al-Wefaq government, as part of his militia’s military operation to take control of the capital since April 2019.

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