Sinai: commander death indicates relation between ISIS and regime

The organization “Sinai Province”, “dealt a severe blow to the Egyptian army by targeting one of the leaders of the brigades in the Egyptian army, in the North Sinai Governorate, east of the country, last Tuesday, which led to his death.

This command re-talks about the sources of information” Sinai Province ” , Which enables him to reach security and military personalities, for more than six years, and this indicates a leak of information about the army and police forces, and Egyptian security plans and movements, which leads to the organization achieving shocking and bloody results, in terms of targeting military and security figures, or attacking Ambushes at certain times, in exchange for the failure of Egyptian security plans in many cases.

A senior Egyptian army officer was killed

In the details of the latest targeting, the commander of the Egyptian army brigade commander, Brigadier General of the War, called Mustafa Ahmed Abido, was killed last Tuesday night in a bombing that targeted his car in Bir al-Abd city in North Sinai Governorate, in the first targeting of a high-ranking military figure in long months.

Tribal sources and eyewitnesses said that “an explosive device, planted by unidentified gunmen, believed to be affiliated with the Sinai Province organization, exploded by a car while it was on the international road in al-Touloul area, east of Bir al-Abd, which led to its complete destruction and the death of those who were in it.

” She added that “the explosion shook the area, and led to the burning of the car, before the army and ambulance forces rushed to the place.

” For its part, medical sources at the Arish Military Hospital said that Abido, the commander of the “134th Brigade” and the “18th Mechanics Infantry Division,” was killed when his car was targeted in the city of Bir al-Abd.
Sinai: commander death indicates relation between ISIS and regime

This targeting comes in remembrance of the comprehensive military operation that started in February 2018, and which has not yet succeeded in achieving decisive results in eliminating the organization, in light of the continued attacks against the army and police forces in all cities of North Sinai Governorate. The attack came in an area where for the first time military figures were targeted, and somewhat far from the theater of operations in the cities of Rafah, Sheikh Zuwayed and Al-Arish

Spies inside the regime

A security affairs watcher in Sinai says that targeting a figure the size of a brigade commander in the Egyptian army cannot take place without secret information that has leaked, and this may be from the point where the military commander moved, or one of the points that he passed during the course of his car on the international road .

He pointed out that it is not the first time that the “Sinai Province” organization benefits from information about workers in the Egyptian army or its civilian collaborators, and therefore the targeting was a real blow to the leadership of the army in Sinai.

He pointed out that this matter requires tightening procedures for the movement of military leaders, and searching for sources of information to organize the “Sinai Province”, in view of the repeated incidents of assassinations of security and military leaders over the past years, including officials in the army and the police, as well as targeting the collaborators with the Egyptian security, despite their concealment and work Secretly, and this is another indication that some are providing the organization with the necessary information about the specific goals from within the Egyptian regime.

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