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Sudan: announcement of a UN role during the transitional period

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry on Thursday issued a statement confirming that a UN role was agreed during the transition period through a special political mission.

U.N. Role

The ministry said the new UN role aims to help Sudan build peace and support state institutions for sustainable development.

The statement came a day after a meeting in Khartoum between Omar Qamaruddin, minister of state at the Foreign Ministry, and UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Rose Marie DiCarlo, who is visiting Khartoum these days.

DiCarlo had earlier met with Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk.

Special mission

The transitional government had asked the Security Council for a mandate to establish a special mission under Chapter VI, sparking controversy in sudan‘s political circles.

Hamddock called for the use of the mandate of the United Nations Security Council to support his Government with monitoring and peace-keeping forces.

Sudan: announcement of a UN role during the transitional period

Following this call, the Sudanese Defence and Security Council held an emergency meeting at the army headquarters headed by the chairman of the transitional council, general abdel fattah AL-Burhan.

Breach of constitutional document

The Sudanese Nationalist Umma Party considered Hamduk’s request to be a violation of the constitutional document, “not a function of the transitional government, and contrary to the popular mandate to achieve the purposes of the revolution.”

The opposition Sudan people’s congress also categorically rejected the Prime Minister’s request and condemned “any UN intervention or attempt to undermine national sovereignty, and we call on the Prime Minister to withdraw his speech immediately and apologize to the Sudanese people.”

Since August 21, Sudan has entered a 39-month transition period, ending with elections.

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