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Amnesty International: 710 Egyptians forcibly disappeared in 2019

The Egyptian authorities are involved in violations on a large scale in the practice of enforced disappearance against opponents, human rights activists and journalists, and despite this represents a crime against humanity and a flagrant violation of international laws and international human rights treaties, but the Egyptian authorities continued their crimes, and this was helped by the silence of their international allies.

In spite of the continuous demands of the Egyptian government that it is necessary to stop using enforced disappearance, as it results in preventing legal protection from disappeared persons and increasing their rates of torture and ill-treatment, security practices clearly indicate the intention of the security services to continue to use enforced disappearance.

Also, the continuation of the security campaign against human rights defenders and those involved in investigations into cases of enforced disappearance indicates a retaliatory approach by state institutions against human rights institutions that work to document human rights violations and those involved in investigations into cases of enforced disappearance

Amnesty International Report

Amnesty International said on Tuesday that during the year 2019, more than 700 people were subjected to enforced disappearance in varying amounts of up to 183 days.

In its annual report on the human rights situation in the world, the organization stated that “at least 710 people were subjected to enforced disappearance in Egypt, for varying periods of up to 183 days, and torture in detention (centers) continued.”

Arbitrary arrest of journalists

The report indicated that the security forces in Egypt arrested “arbitrarily” at least 20 journalists, because of their “peaceful expression of their views,” according to the report.

“The political parties have also faced arbitrary restrictions on the conduct of their work and campaigns to arrest their members,” the organization added.

Amnesty International: 710 Egyptians forcibly disappeared in 2019

She pointed to “the increasing targeting of human rights activists with campaigns of arrest, torture and detention,” in addition to “the excessive use of exceptional courts in Egypt,” including military and state security courts.

Protection of the system for police officers who torture citizens

In this context, the organization denounced “the failure of the authorities to prosecute those who alleged that they committed torture except in rare cases.”

It was not possible to obtain an immediate comment from the Egyptian authorities on the statement, but Cairo usually denies violations of human rights, the presence of political detainees there, or torture in its detention facilities, according to the Egyptian regime.

Cairo says it provides health care to all prisoners without discrimination, adheres to the law and makes available various degrees of judicial appeals before carrying out any executions, according to the Egyptian regime.

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