Egypt: Compulsory fees on state employees for “Police victims”

For the tenth time, military pensions in Egypt have increased since the coup authority’s president, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, came to power in 2014, compared to five increases for civil servants.

On 12 May 2019, the House of Representatives approved a bill submitted by the government to increase military pensions by 15% as of 7/7/2019, in the framework of improving the financial and social conditions of beneficiaries.

Since Sisi came to power in 2014, the regime has approved ten increases between 10% and 15% on military salaries and pensions, provided that the increase is considered part of the total original salary, the additional salary due to its owner or those who are entitled to it, and the increases added to them.

Police Victims Fund

The Social Solidarity Committee in the Egyptian House of Representatives approved, on Monday evening, a draft law submitted by the government to amend some provisions of the law establishing the so-called “honoring fund for martyrs, victims, missing and war and security operations victims and their families”, which aims to impose additional fees on employees of The administrative state, school, and university students, within the framework of increasing the fund’s resources.

The Committee approved the text received from the Egyptian government by deducting five per ten thousand per month (one pound per thousand pounds) from the salary of workers in public entities, public sector agencies and companies, and public business sector companies, and the units and entities that follow these entities, entities, and companies of a special nature and special funds, Workers with private legal persons for whom the provisions of the Labor Law apply, with the exception of irregular or daily workers.

Deduction from employee salaries

The amendment of the law stipulated that the proportion of the salary be deducted by the competent authority, with the Ministry of Finance assuming the tasks of collecting and supplying it for the fund, with a solidarity contribution of five pounds for students in university education, and the equivalent of ten pounds for each student, under the pretext of “raising the awareness of young people” And youth in the face of terrorism, and honoring the martyrs, victims, missing and injured in the war, terrorism and security operations.

The amendment of the law added the method of collecting the value of the contribution stipulated by pre-university and university education students, by being in cash or through one of the electronic payment methods, with a specification of procedures and controls for their collection by a decision of the minister concerned with higher education.

Taxation of all administrative and commercial activities

It also stipulated the imposition of a tax by pasting a five-pound stamp on the documents issued by public authorities, public sector bodies and companies, public business sector companies, and companies that are wholly owned by the state, or that contribute to it by more than 50%, in addition to imposing the same tax on Tickets to attend sports matches, concerts and lyric festivals, if the ticket is 50 pounds or more.

Egypt: Compulsory fees on state employees for "Police victims"

The tax also included tender documents for tenders, auctions, contracting and procurement contracts, in accordance with the provisions of the law regulating contracts concluded by public authorities, requests to reserve a plot of land or a residential or administrative unit of land or units that the state makes available to new urban communities, requests for contributions to clubs, and renewal of annual membership therein, And flight tickets.

And the amendment of the law imposes the tax on requests to obtain a service from the services provided by one of the previous authorities, if the value of the fees prescribed for this service exceeds three times the tax value stipulated, with the imposition of this tax in the event of obtaining these documents or services electronically, and payment of their value through one of the means Online payment.

Sisi bribed to the army and the police

Commenting on these continued increases in these high proportions, a member of the former People’s Defense and Security Committee, Osama Suleiman, told “Arabi 21”: “It is not surprising that he increased it to twenty, the important thing is that the army silence and accept the Sisi agenda and from it, ensuring that he remains at the head of power, It is known that any signs of fear from the army are matched by more privileges and dismissals at the same time. ”

He added: “Just as Sisi bought the army’s silence in selling Tiran and Sanafir, it is expected that he will silence on the items that concern Egypt from the deal of the century, and accept the change of his military doctrine towards who is the enemy after he was identified with the Israeli entity to an unspecified entity called terrorism.”

And he added: “And the acceptance by the army, especially the middle and small leaders, of the possibility of entering into wars on behalf of others in the region in favor of al-Sisi‘s agenda, even against our supreme interests, and the continuation of the vengeful grip in conquering the people and besieging them in a large prison, and that they are the masters who inflict slaves the most severe kind of torment.

He believed that such increases “confirm that the people, their suffering and the highest levels of poverty and unemployment are not in Al-Sisi‘s calculations insofar as the army is one of his first priorities,” noting that “the most person who made unforgivable insults to the Egyptian army exceeds the defeats of the enemy throughout its history in the five Previous years: Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi is one of the sons of the armed forces who did not witness any war.

In February 2018, the Egyptian parliament approved the law establishing the fund, which allocates its resources for the benefit of the families of victims, army and police officers, and civilians, as of the date of the implementation of the Egyptian constitution on January 18, 2014.

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