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Judiciary postpones retrial of 84 defendants in Rabaa sit-in case

Chamber 2 Terrorism, which was held in the Tora Courts Complex, decided today, Monday, to postpone the procedures of the trial of 84 of the opponents of the military coup in the case known as “breaking up a fourth sit-in until March 1, to proceed.
Local newspapers reported that the session was held under the chairmanship of the advisor, Moataz Khafagy, and the membership of the advisers, “Sameh Suleiman” and “Muhammad Ammar”.

Mass executions

On October 8, 2018, the court sentenced 75 accused of the military coup opponents to death, 25 years in prison for the Muslim Brotherhood’s general guide, Dr. Mohamed Badie, and 46 others, and 10 years in prison for “Osama Mohamed Morsi,” the president’s son. The late “Mohamed Morsi”, and the 5-year prison sentence for the photojournalist “Shokan”, and the expiration of the criminal lawsuit against 5 detainees for their deaths inside the prison.

Judiciary postpones retrial of 84 defendants in Rabaa sit-in case

Protecting police and military personnel

The indictment of security and military men who supervised and carried out the sit-in operation, which left more than a thousand peaceful civilian protestors, was left in the largest massacre in Egypt in contemporary history.

Bias of the judiciary against opponents of the Sisi regime
The list was limited to the leaders of the “Muslim Brotherhood” who were imprisoned in Egypt, and accused of “inciting sit-ins, vandalism, and obstructing public facilities and roads”, in addition to some of the leaders located abroad, and supporters of the sit-in, as well as most of the individuals who participated in the sit-in. They are arrested during the disengagement process.

Also accused in the case are former representatives of “Essam El-Erian”, “Mohamed El-Beltagy” and “Essam Sultan”, a member of the Guidance Bureau in the “Muslim Brotherhood” Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Barr, and former ministers “Osama Yassin” and “Basem Odeh” , And the Islamic leaders “Asem Abdel Majid” and “Tariq Al Zomor”, and the two sheikhs, “Safwat Hijazi” and “Wajdi Ghoneim”.

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