Muslims feel insecure in Germany: Muslim Leader

The secretary-general of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany Abdassamad El Yazidi described the elaborate plans of the farright group, which revealed by German police on Monday. as reaching “unprecedented dimensions in Germany.”

In an interview with DW, Yazidi said Muslims in Germany are currently feeling “highly insecure,” “abandoned” and “frightened.” He explained what makes Muslims feel the most insecure is that “such horror stories are not commented on in society,” and that there is “no clear, strong expression of solidarity.”


When asked whether he believes politicians are deliberately silent, Yazidi responded, “of course … it does apply to a very large part of those who — when they talk about Islamophobia, about attacks, about Muslims in Germany — they still feel compelled to refer to the German ‘basic order,’ as if the majority of Muslims in Germany were against the ‘basic order’ and against democracy.”

Muslims feel insecure in Germany: Muslim Leader

Yazidi said that the Muslim community in Germany does “not get the necessary protection from police” and called on better protection in places of worship and for Muslim representatives.

Attacks on Mosques:

Members of a farright German group arrested last week were plotting “shocking” large-scale attacks on mosques similar to the ones carried out in New Zealand last year, a government spokesman said on Monday.

Officials said investigations into 12 men detained in police raids across Germany on Friday had indicated they planned big attacks, following media reports over the weekend the group aimed to launch several simultaneous mass-casualty assaults on Muslims during prayers.

“It’s shocking what has been revealed here, that there are cells here that appear to have become radicalised in such a short space of time,” interior ministry spokesman Bjoern Gruenewaelder told reporters at a Berlin news conference.

Far-right violence is a growing concern in Germany. Last June, senior regional official Walter Lübcke was shot and killed, allegedly by a known farright extremist.

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