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U.N. Envoy To Libya Ghassan Salameh helds a Press Conference

The country, which is celebrating the ninth anniversary of its revolution, is experiencing a great security vulnerability, said THE UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salameh.

The situation on the ground is fragile.

Salameh said the situation on the ground in Libya appears to be very fragile, and that there are daily attacks on Tripoli, given that attacks are being carried out by Khalifa Haftar’s forces, which are seeking to advance inside the capital.

Salameh’s remarks came at a press conference in Geneva, on the sidelines of the second round of the Meeting of the Libyan Joint Military Commission (JcPo5+5) aimed at finding a solution to the crisis in the country.

Violation of arms export ban

According to Salameh, there is a violation of the arms embargo on Libya, despite its adoption by the UN Security Council.

He noted that the UN commission on monitoring the Libyan situation has recorded 150 violations since the truce began on January 12th.

Ghassan Salameh called on all international parties to exert pressure to abide by the truce, describing the situation in Libya as “very complex”.

U.N. Envoy To Libya Ghassan Salameh helds a Press Conference
Speaking at the press conference, Salameh added: “None of the warring parties in Libya has so far abandoned the principle of truce and international organizations are seeking a solution to end this crisis.

He pointed out that the area of the Libyan state is more than three times greater than France and if the arms are banned are violated by air, sea and land, which means that monitoring the implementation of the arms export ban requires a lot of effort and a lot of international cooperation to cover thousands of kilometers of coastline and land.

He called on major countries and international organizations to help curb the arms embargo, because the size of the Libyan state is large and more like the continent, and the situation on the ground is still fragile and the ceasefire in Libya is often violated.

Military Commission Meeting

The first round of the Joint Military Commission meeting began on February 3rd and ended on February 8th.

At the Berlin conference on Libya on January 19th, it was decided to hold meetings between The Libyan parties with UN support in order to reach a permanent ceasefire.

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