Egypt: Sisi dispatched Minister of Health with medical aid to China

While doctors in Egypt suffer from a severe shortage of all medical supplies in all hospitals nationwide, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, Minister of Health and Population, dispatched an official visit to China to deliver medical aid from Cairo to Beijing, in the face of the crisis of the spread of the “Corona virus ” “The newcomer.
The Egyptian Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, held a joint press conference with the Chinese ambassador to Cairo, Liao Li Chiang, at Cairo International Airport, on Sunday evening, in which she said that “the visit comes within the framework of the Egyptian people’s solidarity with his Chinese counterpart, and reflects the strength of the political relations that bring the two countries together over the period. The past. “

Sisi’s gift to China

Zayed added that the visit “will be loaded with a gift from Sisi to the Chinese people, which are medical supplies,” adding that “the Egyptian political leadership is keen on strengthening the relations between the two sides, and seeks to give a hand to the Chinese side, because protecting and helping China to overcome the epidemic is a protection for humanity.” all of which”.

Zayed revealed that her country conducted 1,443 analyzes of suspected new Corona virus, which resulted in one positive case, which turned negative after 48 hours, noting that this case was isolated for 14 days (incubation period), in addition to 13 people coming Performing Umrah in Saudi Arabia, and 300 people come from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

She stressed that Egypt is a tourist country exposed to the entry of a tourist infected with the new virus, and in the event of infections inside the country, it will be announced, in coordination with the World Health Organization, asking the citizens of Egypt to “not be led by the rumors”, arguing that the only case that appeared during the period Past results were negative.

Egypt: Sisi dispatched Minister of Health with medical aid to China

Zayed said that her meeting with Sisi witnessed a review of the plan to confront the virus and continue taking precautionary measures, pointing out that there is a permanent crisis management room, in addition to the readiness of university hospitals, in anticipation of applying all scenarios in the face of the disease, according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization in this regard. .

“We receive many reports of symptoms similar to the emerging coronavirus, but after analyzes we discover that most of them are symptoms of seasonal flu,” she said.

Insistence on denial

The Ministry of Health in Egypt insists on denying that there are any cases of coronavirus in the country, despite the fact that the French Ministry of Health recorded six cases of the new virus of travelers returning from Egypt, and the Canadian authorities announced a case of infection for one of the tourists returning from Cairo, and Taiwan for the injury of a woman Returning from a tour in Egypt.

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