Footage shows Indian police support for extremists against Muslims

Activists on social media have shared a video of Indian police, accompanied by Hindu extremists launching attacks against Muslims in Delhi, against the background of protesting the Citizenship Law, which persecutes Muslims and deprives them of their civil and political rights.

In the video, a police officer appears, pointing to extremists to attack an area with Muslims, in the events that led to the deaths of dozens of Muslims over the past week, as well as the burning of their mosques and their homes, and the displacement of entire families from neighborhoods in Jafrabad, Delhi.

Hindu extremist groups have been under official cover in Jafrabad, New Delhi, against Muslims who reject the Citizenship Law, which targets Muslims and revokes their citizenship. The Hindu extremists attacked entire neighborhoods amid live fire and burning homes and mosques.

Support From the Police:

Despite the violent attack on Muslim neighborhoods, some police officers supported it, while others just watched. Indian news agencies reported a footage of an extremist Hindu element, firing from a sidearm on Muslim neighborhoods, before the eyes of the police.

The attacks killed more than 40 people, as well as hundreds wounded.

Footage shows Indian police support for extremists against Muslims

Narendra Modi’s government supports the Citizenship Law, on its Hindu nationalist agenda in the country.

Modi said the new law would save religious minorities such as Hindus and Christians from persecution in neighbouring Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan by offering them a path to Indian citizenship.

Anti-Muslims Act:

But the law does not apply to Muslims, which critics have said weakens India‘s secular foundations.

The new law guarantees Indian citizenship to non-Muslim religious minorities escaping persecution in three neighboring countries — Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Activists and opposition politicians have described the legislation as divisive, discriminatory and against Muslims as well as the country’s secular constitution.

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