asylum seekers still trying to enter Greece’s border barbed wire

Asylum seekers continue to wait on the Turkish-Greek border in the hope of reaching Western European countries, despite the bitterness of their affliction, ranging from bad weather to security violence and Greek barbed wire that bleed their hopes.

Escaping from hell of war

For the 17th day in a row, asylum seekers continue to wait on the Turkish-Greek border, hoping to reach the countries of Western Europe, despite the bitterness that afflicts them, ranging from bad weather to security violence and Greek barbed wire that bleed their hopes.

The majority of asylum seekers are trying to cross the border by crossing the Merij River that separates the two countries, while another section in the buffer zone between the Turkish “Kolle Bazaar” and the Greek Kastanis crosses is waiting in the hope that Greece will open its doors to them.

refugees at the border crossing

The number of asylum seekers waiting at the border crossing, about 10 thousand residing in rudimentary tents, insisting on entering Greece, despite the cold weather, and their exposure from time to time to the pressurized water, bullets and tear gases fired by the Greek security to them.

asylum seekers still trying to enter Greece's border barbed wire

Reinforcement of actions on the Greek border

The Greek Border Guard continues to reinforce security measures in the area, as it recently erected a barbed wire barrier in front of the Kastanis border gate.

On Friday, the Greek authorities started building a cement wall in front of the border gate, in addition to reinforcing the barbed wire on the bank of the Merij River.

Asylum seekers flock to the borders of Turkey

Since last February 27, asylum seekers began to flock to Turkey’s western borders, following Ankara’s announcement that it would not hinder their movement towards Europe. They are hoping that EU will open its borders for them after war destroyed their country.

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