refugees in Greece: Solidarity campaign to solve crisis at camps

More than forty thousand sign a petition of solidarity with refugee at the borders, this petition, which was in the name of, that is, “Leave no one at the border”, aims to prevent the spread of the “Coronavirus between migrants and refugees. “Leave no one at the border.” Solidarity campaign with refugees in Greece borders

Overcrowded refugee camps

The petition calls on the European Commission and European governments to evacuate overcrowded refugee camps and move them to safe places. The petition also demands the implementation of quarantine and preventive measures to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus worldwide, as well as providing medical care in refugee camps, and that the possibility of applying for asylum be made available. For those looking for protection.

This initiative witnessed the participation of many celebrities and environmentalists, including environmental activist “Louisa Noyauer”, the German face of the “Fridays for the Future” movement, the journalist “Goku Winterschid” and the refugee captain “Karola Rakte”.

This came after Greece announced its first death from the virus last Thursday in the western city of Patras, and the authorities confirmed that there were 117 cases of the virus so far, including one in the island of Lesbos where the Moorea refugee camp is located.

Providing medical assistance to migrants

“We must be realistic, it will be impossible to contain the outbreak of the virus in camps experiencing such conditions,” said Doctors Without Borders, which is concerned with providing medical assistance to migrants and asylum seekers, adding that it has not yet monitored the existence of any contingency plan in the event of a virus outbreak. However, it has not yet detected any contingency plan in the event of a virus outbreak.

More than 40,000 asylum-seekers live in camps on the eastern Aegean islands that, according to official authorities, have exceeded their capacity.

refugees in Greece: Solidarity campaign to solve crisis at camps
For example, the “Moria” camp was established on the island of Lesbos to accommodate 3,000 refugees, but it actually houses at least five times that number.

In some areas of the camp, the organization says, about 1,300 people share one tap of water without the tools to maintain personal hygiene, such as soap.

Last week, Médecins Sans Frontières launched a statement urging the Greek authorities to carry out an immediate evacuation of the migrants from the camps on its islands, as a result of the escalation of the threat of the pandemic Coronavirus.

It is worth noting that the Greek government ended the implementation of the Greek social security system for refugees and persons without identity documents in July, and the new legislation that it passed last November, which will give asylum seekers temporary access to health care, has not yet been implemented.

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