Vaccine trials: WHO reveals expected date to produce Corona vaccine

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Sunday that it will take at least a year to develop a vaccine for the emerging coronavirus, noting that the risk is that the disease will spread further after the isolation is raised.

Assurances from the world organization

A WHO official spoke about the Corona vaccine, saying it would take at least a year to develop, stressing that “it will happen.”

Warnings of spreading the virus to many age groups

“Corona not only affects the elderly and has a major impact on the middle-aged group,” Reuters quoted the official as saying as a warning to younger people who are not considered as a high risk group.

He added: “The risk is that the disease will return to spread further after the sanitary lift is removed, so we need to constantly search for injuries.”

A race to produce vaccines and medicines for the new virus

These statements come at a time when companies and countries are still racing to produce a vaccine for the “Covid-19” virus, as media reports indicate that more than 30 trials are currently under development.

Accelerate the production of the vaccine

“The acceleration of this process is really exciting in terms of what we can do, based on the work that started with the SARS virus, which started with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS),” said Maria Van Kerkhof, technical director of the WHO’s emergency program, earlier. , And it is now used for Covid-19 virus.

Vaccine trials: WHO reveals expected date to produce Corona vaccine

Clinical trials may take up to 18 months

Prominent scientists confirm that the clinical trials and safety approvals required to obtain a practical vaccine in the market may take up to 18 months.

The new Corona virus has infected more than 308,000 people, and has resulted in about 13,000 deaths worldwide.

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