Angela Merkel and a US Congressman are infected with Corona virus

Within the development of new infections of the Corona virus, the virus continues to invade all diplomatic barriers, not interested in any position, to reach today to the largest positions in Germany and storm the US Congress.


Where German Chancellor “Angela Merkel” subjected to self-isolation at home, after contact with a doctor infected with “Corona“, according to a German government spokesman.

“We will take some time to confirm that the counselor is infected with the virus,” the spokesman said.

Stephen Seibert, a German government spokesman, said Sunday evening that Chancellor Angela Merkel had placed herself in a house quarantine.

“Seibert” stated that “Merkel” confirmed in a press statement that she had just made contact with a doctor last Friday, pointing out that the doctor had conducted a test to detect his infection with the Corona virus and that the result was positive.

“The consultant decided to isolate herself in her home,” Zaybert said in a statement. She will be examined (Corona Newly) frequently in the coming days (…) and will do her office work from home. ”

And, “Seibert” stated that determining whether the counselor herself is infected with the virus will take some time, given that the result of “the test will not be conclusive yet” at this stage.

Compliance tips:

The German Chancellor, “Angela Merkel“, has urged her countrymen to adhere to the new restrictions that were approved, today, Sunday, and includes a ban on gatherings for more than two people, as part of efforts to combat the spread of Corona virus infection.

Strict procedures:

The gathering ban on more than two people, excluding family members staying in one house, was excluded. Addressing her words to the citizens, Merkel said, “Please participate with all of you,” and asked them to show reason and affection.

The new aggravating restrictions that were approved by “Merkel” state heads of state during a consultative meeting held over the phone included an immediate closure of restaurants in the rest of the areas that do not apply this procedure, and the immediate closure of service shops that work in the field of providing body care, including barber shops, beauty centers and drawing centers Tattoos and massage centers.

This comes at a time when Germany recorded the number of infections with the “Coronavirus, reaching 24 thousand and 100 infected, and 90 deaths.

infection of a member of Congress:

On the other hand, the office of the US Senator announced the Republican Party, “Rand Paul“, that he was infected with the emerging “Coronavirus (COVID-19), in the first official confirmation that the epidemic had reached Congress.

Angela Merkel and a US Congressman are infected with Corona virus
. (Photo by Mandel NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

The media office of Paul, a US congressman on Kentucky, said in a statement posted to his account on Twitter that he had undergone a COVID-19 test that gave positive results.

The statement added that the Senator “feels himself well and has no symptoms and was examined as a precautionary measure due to his extensive activities related to travel and participation in events”, pointing out that “Paul” was not aware of any direct contact with him with anyone infected.

Paul’s office added that he “expects to return to the Senate after the expiration of his health isolation, and will continue to work for Kentucky citizens in this difficult time.”

He explained that the Senator’s office started working remotely 10 days ago, and for this reason none of his employees was in direct contact with the Senator.

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