Coronavirus: Sisi was in quarantine after meeting with officers

“Middle East Eye” website revealed that Sisi spent two weeks in quarantine after he and his family mixed with officers infected with Coronavirus, headed by Major General Khaled Shaltout and Shafi Dawood. their death was announced yesterday due to illness.

Yesterday, Monday, the Armed Forces announced the death of Major General Shafea Dawoud, Director of Major Projects Department, as a result of being infected with the Coronavirus, hours after the announcement of the death of Major General Khaled Shaltout, Director of Water Management at the Engineering Authority for the same reason.

Sisi was placed in quarantine

The British website quoted informed sources that Major General Shafea Dawood, who died on Monday, met Sisi days before he was confirmed to have been infected with the Corona virus, adding that «Sisi and his family were held in quarantine for two weeks, because of fears of being infected with the virus».

In a parallel context, another source said that David was infected with the virus after meeting a colleague who had recently traveled to Italy, which is contrary to what is being promoted by the Egyptian media, that Dawoud and Shaltout were infected with the virus “as a result of their efforts to combat the virus.”

The two generals work in the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, the economic arm charged with implementing massive projects within the army such as: building the new capital, and projects to develop the Suez Canal.

Coronavirus: Sisi was in quarantine after meeting with officers
The source added: “They usually attend meetings with Sisi in order to inform him of their work in managing huge army projects.”

Discreet injuries within the army

On the other hand, Twitter users asked the authorities to be transparent in announcing the numbers of the injured, especially with the names of the deceased being circulated in unofficial lists on the websites of the past few days, among other leaders who were injured.

activists wondered why the officers had not previously been declared infected with the virus, and that they were satisfied with death only.

And yesterday, Monday, the Ministry of Health announced that the number of corona in Egypt had risen to 366, and deaths to 19.

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