Doctors in Egypt face infection, shortages amid coronavirus pandemic

Egyptian Medical union said that “the leader of the Sisi coup ignored the response to the union’s memorandum regarding raising the value of the infection allowance which doctors receive only 19 pounds per month, especially with the increased risk of infection with the new coronavirus,” noting that “the union submitted the memo a week ago, but Sisi announced several economic decisions yesterday, without addressing the doctorsallowance.

Egyptian regime refusal to help doctors

The statement added “the government intransigently on the issue of increasing the infection allowance for doctors, although it was confirmed that at least 26 doctors and nurses were infected with the Coronavirus (Covid-19), out of the total declared infections, which amount to 327 cases so far,” denounced. The state ignored the just demands of doctors to increase the allowance for infection, as are prosecutors and judges, who are paid for infection and treatment up to 3 thousand pounds per month.

Doctors in Egypt face infection, shortages amid coronavirus pandemic

Support for the rich only

The source added that “Sisi announced the support of electricity prices for the industry, the postponement of the payment of the real estate tax for tourist establishments, and the exemption of foreigners from capital gains taxes forever, due to the damage these categories of precautionary measures accompanying the spread of the Corona virus, while his speech was limited to praise when referring to the role of doctors and nurses in Confronting the infection, without any measures being announced regarding their financial support, similar to some other categories.

The union has previously sent a letter to the Minister of Health and Population, Hala Zayed, informing her of the observations of doctors working in some health agencies, regarding the lack of personal protections, and the lack of medical supplies in hospitals affiliated with the Ministry, calling for the postponement of the implementation of any medical campaigns during the current period, as long as It has the characteristic of urgent necessity, with the aim of reducing congestion and congestion, and reducing the chances of spreading infection among citizens.

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