Egypt may become hot spot for Corona due to a lack of transparency

A number of experts attributed the current fears of Egypt becoming a focus of the Coronavirus outbreak, to the lack of transparency and credibility, mismanagement, and dealing with the crisis in very traditional and slow ways, along with the collapse of the infrastructure of the Ministry of Health, and the poor conditions of hospitals in general.

The experts blamed the Sisi regime for its “failed” experiences in previous crises, in addition to deceiving international institutions in several files, such as the numbers of detainees and those who were newly infected with the new Corona virus, which threatens a special disaster inside prisons.

Several institutions have expressed strong concerns about the current situation in Egypt, and the real disaster that may result from it in the coming period, which was confirmed by the French ambassador in Cairo when he said that “Egypt will witness a difficult situation in the coming weeks, against the background of the spread of Corona virus.”

The Ambassador addressed the French nationals in Cairo and asked them to prepare, saying: “Egypt will face isolation along the lines of the rest of the world with the spread of Corona,” which the French embassy tried to mitigate these statements at a later time.

Egypt may become hot spot for Corona due to a lack of transparency

According to the Canadian study, 97 foreigners who visited Egypt since the middle of last February showed symptoms of the virus, or laboratory tests proved that they were infected with it, and most of these tourists spent some time on board ships in the Nile River, believed to be the source of the spread of the virus in Luxor

Absence of transparency

But an official source at the Ministry of Health denied, in statements to local newspapers, categorically denied the numbers of cases of Coronavirus in Egypt, which were reported by the Guardian and New York Times, stressing that Cairo had nothing to hide.

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