Ministry of Military Production sells masks, alcohol to combat corona 

The Ministry of Military Production announced, on Monday, the introduction of sterilizers for hands and masks at all its 18 outlets nationwide, to contribute to countering the Coronavirus.

The ministry‘s spokesman, Mohamed Bakr, said, through his Facebook page, that the products include “70% ethyl alcohol, chlorine, and other disinfectants.”

Bakr explained that all products will be offered at the manufacturing price, starting from Tuesday, as the mask is sold for one pound, and the bottle of alcohol is for four pounds.

He pointed out that the ministry started work in producing masks, stressing that the production line puts 40,000 mask a day, and that they are targeting to increase production to 100,000 by the end of this week.

Exploiting the health crisis

A few days ago, the National Projects Authority of the Armed Forces put sterilization tools and antiseptics in its outlets to provide disease prevention supplies that disappeared from the market at the beginning of the crisis.

shortage of disinfection materials

And a state of resentment prevailed among the citizens, due to the disappearance of the protective masks, alcoholic substances and chlorine in all major pharmacies and commercial shops specialized in selling medical supplies, as well as the high prices of them more than five times their original price and the overstatement of their sale, which makes it difficult for middle and low-income citizens the most to afford.

Ministry of Military Production sells masks, alcohol to combat corona 

Army companies

The army’s exploitation of the health crisis is not surprising, as the army has expanded significantly in most sectors of the country since the coup. This led to an expansion of the economic sector within the military. And it became a source of great income for many of the army leaders. Army-owned companies are now in fierce competition with private sector companies in most areas.

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