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Arrests in Egypt still ongoing despite corona overcrowding concerns

As calls continue to empty Egyptian prisons from detainees, the coup authorities launched a new campaign of arrests , targeting a journalist, two brothers of an opposition activist , and some families in the “Dua March” incident in Alexandria.

the security forces in Alexandria arrested, on Tuesday, dozens of Egyptians who participated in the prayer rallies to get rid of the Coronavirus, on Monday evening, in the city of Alexandria

Detention campaigns continue

The Ministry of the Interior announced the arrest of demonstrators from 6 governorates, with the help of three security authorities, and confronted them with six accusations, including: “Promoting false news on social media about the numbers of people afflicted by corona, questioning state actions, raising citizens terror, and disturbing the public peace.”

On Tuesday dawn, the coup security forces arrested the second time, journalist and activist Ahmed Abu Zaid Al-Tounoubi, despite his release two months ago, after spending two years in pretrial detention.

Arrests in Egypt still ongoing despite corona overcrowding concerns

Al-Tounoubi’s arrest comes in conjunction with the Press union rejection of a provision calling for the Attorney General to release the imprisoned journalists, with his statement issued on Monday, in which he decided to close the union headquarters, and called for several precautions to protect journalists, according to Council member Mahmoud Kamel.

In a third incident, Tuesday, the activist and opposition “YouTuber” Abdullah Al-Sharif announced that security forces had arrested two of his brothers from his family’s home in Alexandria.

Egyptian regime overcrowded prisons

In his interpretation of this security campaign despite health emergency, social and economic situation in light of the spread of the Corona virus in the country, and despite human and international appeals for the release of detainees in prisons, the Egyptian human rights lawyer, Khalaf Bayoumi, stressed that the security forces campaign did not stop, and the pursuit of the opposition continued, and included even women.

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