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Court verdict: life imprisonment for alleged terrorism charges

On Wednesday, an Egyptian court sentenced 15 citizens to life imprisonment for allegedly embracing the ideas of a terrorist organization, according to the court’s claim, and planning to target and detonate churches and military installations, in the media-known case of the “ISIS Giza Cell”.

And the Emergency State Security Criminal Court claimed that “the investigations have led to the leader of the cell preparing an intellectual program, supplying the remaining accused with prints and publications supporting his takfir ideas, and holding organizational meetings for them in some mosques in the vicinity of his residence in the Bulaq al-Dakrur region in Giza Governorate.”

Fabricated accusations

The Supreme State Security Prosecution referred the defendants to trial, and the investigations said that the first defendant, Mahmoud Tosson, had embraced ISIS ideas based on the ruling of atonement of the ruler and the necessity of departing from him on the pretext of not applying Islamic law, his joining one of its armed groups, his participation in its elements in monitoring the base of a military facility, and establishing a cell Cluster in Giza with the aim of committing hostile operations with the aim of intimidating citizens and destabilizing security and stability in the country, in order to bring down the existing system of government in the country and able to include the rest of the accused, “the court alleged .

Court verdict: life imprisonment for alleged terrorism charges

Mock trials

On December 23, 2019, the court heard the prosecution’s pleading in which it claimed that “society tasted the bitterness of terrorism, terrorism has become a wave against the state, behind which is an invasive group, a gang that accompanies Satan, a gang whose members are convinced of abnormal ideas, pursued a terrorist ideology, not He entered her under Islamic law, ” the court alleged.

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