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Kabul: ISIS claims responsibility for the attack on a Sikh temple 

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on a Sikh temple in Kabul, which is still underway, according to the American Center for Monitoring Extremist Sites on the Internet.

The center claimed that “ISIS fighters are currently launching a coordinated attack against a Sikh temple” in Kabul.

storming of the Sikh temple

On Wednesday morning, gunmen stormed a Sikh and Hindu temple in the center of Kabul, and the security forces are trying to fight them, according to the Afghan Ministry of Interior.

armed attack

Ministry spokesman Tariq Erian said: “At approximately 07:45 (0315 GMT), a number of attackers stormed a Sikh and Hindu temple,” explaining that “people are stuck inside the building and (security forces) are trying to save them.”

The Afghan Ministry of Interior announced, “the death toll from the attack on a Sikh temple has risen to 25 dead and 8 wounded.”

Earlier, a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Health, Waheedullah Mayar, said that the attack killed at least one child and wounded 15 others.

Minority targeting

ISIS has adopted similar attacks since 2015 in Afghanistan and targeted minorities.

Anarkali Kaur Honariyar, a representative of the Sikh community in the Afghan parliament, said that “there are about 150 people in the temple” where a number of families live while others come to pray in it every morning.
Kabul: ISIS claims responsibility for the attack on a Sikh temple 
She added that “some people inside the temple are hiding with their phones closed,” noting that she “is deeply concerned”.

The attack comes as Afghanistan faces a host of crises, including insurgency attacks, a deadlocked political situation, and a rise in the number of Covid-19 casualties.

Taliban condemns

Immediately after the attack was announced, the Taliban denied any connection with the attack. “We have nothing to do with the attack,” said its spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid.

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