Prisons may cause health disaster, calls for releasing detainees

A group of Egyptian, regional and international human rights organizations launched a new initiative to release prisoners and detainees in Egypt for fear of the Coronavirus spread disaster, under the slogan “Save them, save the homeland”, and carried six items addressed to the system.

The director of the “Al-Shehab Center for Human Rights”, Khalaf Bayoumi, said, it launched the initiative, including six articles for the release of the detainees, “expressing his wish that the regime act swiftly before matters escalate

In a statement released by the initiators of the initiative, they emphasized that several human rights organizations adopted it in cooperation with other human rights organizations (Egyptian, regional, and international), , aiming to find appropriate ways and mechanisms to protect Egyptian society from what may be constituted by the high concentration of prisons and headquarters The places of detention are a dangerous focus for the spread of the Coronavirus.

Overcrowding at Egyptian prisons

The statement added that this campaign comes due to the nature of prisons, headquarters and places of detention, which are characterized – in normal circumstances – as high congestion, as well as poor ventilation and low level of hygiene, with many cases suffering from chronic conditions.

Prisons may cause health disaster, calls for releasing detainees

Protecting the entire Egyptian community

The statement pointed out that the main goal of the campaign is to protect the entire Egyptian society from any human gathering that may constitute a focus for the spread of the disease, and on the other hand to preserve the lives of all prisoners from the possibility of the spread of this virus inside prisons, headquarters and places of detention, in light of the weak medical capabilities appropriate to deal with this epidemic. .

A human goal

In its statement, human rights organizations said that the initiative “does not start from a political goal, but rather from a humanitarian goal, as one of the roles and tasks of civil society organizations.”

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