Virus preparation in Egypt: Schools may be used as makeshift hospitals

The Minister of State for Information in Egypt, Osama Haikal, said that the government will have to transfer schools to hospitals and isolation areas for patients, in the event of an increase in the numbers of people infected with Coronavirus (Covid-19), warning of the increase in the number of people who have been terrifyingly infected in recent days in various countries of the world, This requires Egyptians to abide by government decisions, not to leave their homes, or to contact with others.

Blame the people

The minister added that “the government is working to extend the period of the second stage of its procedures in confronting the Corona virus, in the hope of decreasing the disease by gradually decreasing the number of infected people, or maintaining limited rates of increase in patients, so as to facilitate the possibility of dealing with them in a medical way”, claiming that “The government has done its part in the crisis by one hundred percent, and citizens remain committed to its procedures.”
Virus preparation in Egypt: Schools may be used as makeshift hospitals

Intimidation without awareness

Heikal continued: “We will apply the provisions of the emergency law to everyone without exception, and all peoples are now demanding their states to implement curfews,” adding, “The Egyptian people are starting to feel fear now, and they are using protection tools on their own for fear of infection, even if the government has issued all measures Announced at the same time, the people would have been bored, and it may not respond to them, “he said.

Yesterday, the Egyptian Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouly, announced a new package of strict measures for the government in the face of the spread of the Corona virus, the most prominent of which is the ban on the traffic of citizens on all public roads for a period of two weeks, from seven in the evening until six in the morning, with the suspension of air traffic and study in All schools and universities nationwide, for an additional 15 days.

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