WHO: US could become the epicenter of Corona virus epidemic

New Corona virus infection figures contrast with Trump’s talk of a resumption of the economy, as other countries are tightening up measures to prevent the virus from spreading.

The World Health Organization said the United States could become the next epidemic of a coronavirus, as the number of cases is rising rapidly there even when Donald Trump spoke of re-opening the country to business.

“We are now seeing a significant acceleration in the number of cases in the United States, which qualifies them to become the epicenter of the epidemic,” said WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris.

Meanwhile in India, Narendra Modi ordered the entire country to be closed for 21 days, the second most populous country, after researchers warned that more than a million people would be infected by mid-May.

In the United States, 46,450 people have been infected, as well as 593 deaths, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University.

WHO: US could become the epicenter of Corona virus epidemic
According to the Guardian, Trump has recognized that the healthcare supplies needed to protect front-line staff treating patients have become difficult to obtain.

“The global market for medical face masks and ventilators has become very difficult. We are helping the country get equipment, but it is not easy,” he said in a tweet early in the morning.

But as more US rulers urged people to stay indoors, Trump seemed to reduce the crisis on Monday night.

President Trump has said he is studying ways to restart the economy in the coming weeks and wants to avoid the epidemic becoming a “long-term financial problem.”

Adding that this will not last for three or four months.

Later, he tweeted, “Our people want to return to work. They will practice social estrangement and all other measures, and the elderly will be subject to supervision and protection. And we will return strongly!”

Senior Trump advisers cited current government restrictions as “set for 15 days” and pledged to review procedures within a week and take comprehensive measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

But top Pentagon leaders warned on Tuesday that the US epidemic could last for months.
“I think we need to plan for at least a few months, and we’re taking all precautions to do that,” said Defense Secretary Mark Esber.

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