Egypt: night curfew causes overcrowding in most subway stations

The government’s decision to “impalement night curfew, which prevents citizens from moving all over the country, took effect on all roads from seven in the evening until six in the morning.

The prime minster had issued this decision as part of a set of precautionary measures to confront the epidemic of the Coronavirus that is sweeping the world. Sisi is noticeably absent during this crisis as it is rumored he and his family is under quarantine

But this ban is exempt: ambulances, trucks for the transport of goods, food commodities, vegetables and fruits.

The security forces and the relevant agencies deployed in the streets and roads of Egypt to ensure the implementation of the night curfew.

The opposite results of the ban

It is worth noting that, minutes before the ban came into effect, the subway stations witnessed a large accumulation of passengers.

Al-Sisi called on the Egyptians, through his official page, to abide by the government’s measures to limit the spread of Corona.

Egypt: night curfew causes overcrowding in most subway stations

Previously, the government decided to close all commercial and craft shops, including shops selling goods and providing services, and “commercial mallsmalls, from five in the evening until six in the morning.

18 citizens died due to the curfew

In the same context, at least 18 Egyptians were killed and others were infected, in the first nights of the curfew in the country, as a result of the collision of a truck (trailer) with 14 parked cars (parked) above the regional ring road in the Al-Saf area in Giza Governorate, in the late evening. Wednesday. The police refused to pass the cars, until by the time the ban ended at 6 am.

Corona infections soar in Egypt

The number of infections with the deadly Coronavirus in Egypt rose to 442 citizens, and the number of deaths rose to 21.

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