Hospitals to Close outpatient clinics in Egypt due to coronavirus

The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced, on Wednesday, the registration of 54 new cases that proved positive for its laboratory analyzes of the Corona virus (Covid-19), all of whom are Egyptians in contact with the positive cases previously announced, noting that the number of deaths so far has increased to 21, after the death of an Egyptian citizen He is 63 years old, from Menoufia Governorate.

High incidence of infections 

The ministry said in a statement, that the total of those recovering from the Corona virus reached 95 cases, out of 113 cases whose laboratory analyzes turned from positive to negative, after 15 patients were discharged from hospitals designated for isolation, including 4 foreigners and 11 Egyptians, after receiving medical care Necessary, indicating that all registered cases are subject to medical care, in accordance with WHO guidelines.

She added that the total number of people infected with Corona virus in Egypt amounted to 456 cases, stressing the importance of following the measures of separation and isolation to reduce the rates of daily infections, which aim to not reach the third scenario of high infections in a short time. The ministry attributed the precautionary and preventive measures taken by the state to reduce the percentage of daily injuries, to accommodate cases in hospitals, and to provide the manpower necessary to follow them.

Hospitals to Close outpatient clinics in Egypt due to coronavirus

Avoiding overcrowding

She also pointed to the closure of outpatient clinics in all hospitals nationwide, on the pretext of preventing overcrowding and mixing among patients, with the distribution of medical teams in those clinics to medical units and centers, and it is evident that the dispensing of medicines to the owners of chronic diseases, and infant formula, will be in advance for a period of three months to facilitate patients, With the holding of a regular meeting with the Ministry’s representatives in the governorates through the technology of “video conference”, to follow up on the implementation of the Ministry’s plan to confront Corona.

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