Myanmar Muslims to convert mosques into hospitals to fight Corona

The Secretary-General of the Islamic Affairs Council of Myanmar, Tin Maung Tan, proposed to the country’s government to convert mosques and buildings for Muslims to quarantine centers, and use them to fight the Coronavirus.

In statements made on Wednesday, he called for solidarity in the face of the “Corona” epidemic.

Solidarity in the face of the Corona epidemic.

He added that there are more than a thousand mosques and many religious schools in the country, and Muslim-owned buildings and hotels can be harnessed to combat the virus.

Converting mosques to hospitals

He clarified that the officials of the Religious Affairs Council pointed out the possibility of converting buildings that are used for religious purposes to hospitals and temporary quarantine centers.

The Ministry of Health of Myanmar has announced the registration of 3 cases of “Corona” virus in the country.

Military campaign and brutal massacres against the Rohingya

Since August 25, 2017, the Myanmar armed forces and Buddhist militias have launched a military campaign and brutal massacres against the Rohingya in Arakan.

Thousands of Rohingya killed

The ongoing crimes since then have killed thousands of Rohingya, according to identical local and international sources, as well as the nearly one million asylum-seekers in Bangladesh, according to the United Nations.

Myanmar Muslims to convert mosques into hospitals to fight Corona

“The most persecuted minority in the world.”

The Myanmar government views the Rohingya as “irregular immigrants” from Bangladesh, while the United Nations classifies them as the “most persecuted minority in the world.”

The virus has spread across the world

As of Wednesday noon, Corona afflicted more than 435,000 people worldwide, of whom more than 19,000 had died, while more than 111,000 had recovered.

The spread of the virus forced many countries to close their borders, suspend flights, impose curfews, suspend studies, cancel numerous events, prevent public gatherings, and close mosques and churches. –

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