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Saudi Arabia urges G20 to collaborate in coronavirus vaccine research

King Salman bin Abdulaziz called on G20 countries for enhanced cooperation in funding research to reach a new vaccine against the Coronavirus.

King Salman added at the opening of the virtual summit of the G20 according to the Saudi News Agency, on Thursday, that “we must bear the responsibility of strengthening cooperation in financing research and development in the pursuit of an anti-Corona vaccine, and to ensure the availability of necessary medical supplies and equipment.”

In an extraordinary virtual meeting via video conference, on Thursday, the King of Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest economy, called for firm measures to fight the spread of the virus, especially in relation to the economic crisis the world is witnessing against the backdrop of efforts to combat the spread of the virus.

Demand to restore the movement of markets

“On the economic front, the G20 should send a strong signal to restore confidence in the global economy, by restoring the natural flow of goods and services, as quickly as possible, especially basic medical supplies,” King Salman bin Abdulaziz said.

Saudi Arabia urges G20 to collaborate in coronavirus vaccine research

“The impact of this epidemic has widened to include economies, financial markets, trade and global supply chains, hampering development and growth and adversely affecting the gains made in past years,” he stressed.

Summit to discuss the effects of the virus

At the virtual summit, the Saudi king called for “extending a helping hand to developing and least developed countries to build their capabilities and improve the readiness of their infrastructure to overcome this crisis and its consequences.”

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had announced earlier that a meeting of the leaders of the Group of Twenty, on Thursday, through the video services Converse, to discuss the effects and efforts to combat the emerging epidemic of the Coronavirus.

Leaders of the countries with the largest economies in the world will participate in the summit, in addition to representatives of a number of international organizations.

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