A former Israeli minister demands the expulsion of African refugees

Rapid expulsion:

A former Israeli ministe called on Monday for the expulsion of African “asylum seekers” and their return to their countries, amid warnings of an outbreak of crime after thousands of them lost their source of livelihood in light of the outbreak of Coronavirus.

A security threat:

Former Minister of Communications Ayoub Qara (2017-2019), in tweets on Twitter, said: “The personal security of Israeli citizens who face a major health risk from the Coruna epidemic will also be threatened by the infiltrators who will starve.”

He continued, “It is high time, in light of the Corona crisis, that we urgently solve the problem of illegal infiltrators in Israel.”

He added: “We must return them to their countries of origin after they lost their source of livelihood after the closure of many of the stores that they were working in.”

Difficult economic conditions:

He warned of “great concerns about (African immigrants) committing theft and violence after they became unemployed and in a difficult economic situation.”

According to official data, about 33.6 thousand asylum seekers live in Africa, 71 percent of them are from Eritrea, and 20 percent are from Sudan. The authorities do not recognize them as asylum seekers and consider them as infiltrators and irregular migrants.

A former Israeli minister demands the expulsion of African refugees
In a related context, the private Israeli channel (12) said, “Most of the asylum seekers work in bars, restaurants and cafes, which are jobs that have been closed because of the new instructions, and there is a growing concern now that they will starve and may descend into violence.”

The channel quoted in a report on Sunday evening, a source (unnamed) in the Tel Aviv District Police (Central): “As police, we apply the closure to them as well and do not allow them to roam.”

He continued: “But they are worried that when they run out of money they will start stealing.”

He added, “If food is not provided to them, there can be a significant increase in crime, especially those related to theft and violence.”

Unemployment in Israel:

In general, unemployment in Israel rose from 4 percent before March this year, and on Sunday, it recorded 22 percent, under government measures that included the closure of many businesses and stores to curb the spread of Corona.

The total number of the unemployed in Israel is 922,000, of whom 764,000 are due to corona, according to the government office.

And on Monday, the number of people infected with the Coronavirus.in Israel reached 4,347, of whom 16 died, and 134 recovered.

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