Doctors’ Syndicate: Increased “infection allowance” is “insufficient”

In a statement, the Medical Syndicate demanded a fair infection allowance, explaining that it is waiting for Parliament to pass the Medical Liability and Hospital Protection Act.

The Syndicate added in a statement issued to it today, Monday, that with regard to increasing the allowance for medical professions by 75%, we would like to “inform everyone that the current medical profession allowance for doctors is 700 pounds,

Thus, the value of the monthly increase will be only about 400 pounds, which is not commensurate with the efforts and sacrifices made by doctors, of course unless these increases are part of several measures expected to improve the conditions of doctors ».

The syndicate announced that it “welcomes the establishment of a disaster fund, and the union proposes that the fund include two parts, the first relates to disaster compensation, and the second gives a supplementary pension to all doctors.”

The statement continued: “We are waiting for the President of the Republic to issue directives to the House of Representatives quickly to issue a law to pass a fair infection allowance commensurate with the effort and danger to which doctors are exposed.”

The Medical Syndicate confirmed that it “takes note of the House of Representatives that there is a requirement for doctors that does not need any financial allocations, which is the approval of the Medical Responsibility and Hospital Protection Act.”

The Syndicate explained that “the doctors are committed to performing their duty in all circumstances without looking at any remuneration in light of these delicate circumstances the country is going through, and that they continue to make tender and sacrifice to stave off the epidemic and danger from the country.”

On Sunday, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the leader of the coup, decided to increase the allowance for medical professions by 75%, at a total cost of about 2.25 billion pounds, in addition to establishing a risk fund for members of the medical professions.

Doctors' Syndicate: Increased "infection allowance" is "insufficient"

The Secretary General of the Medical Syndicate had asked the government to pay attention to the demands of the doctors, and the initiative to improve their conditions, stressing that “there is no logic in continuing the infection allowance of 19 pounds in light of the war on the epidemic.”

Ihab Al-Taher added that the medical system in Egypt faces a major challenge in its war against the Corona virus, in light of the difficult conditions in which medical teams work, due to the lack of adequate protection and poor salaries and allowances.

He explained that the doctors in the isolation hospitals, including those who had not seen his family for many weeks, and some of them who were infected with the Corona virus, stressing that some doctors infected with the Corona virus in the isolation hospitals, and some of them were lying in intensive care because of his infection.

On Friday, the Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, warned against an outbreak of the Corona virus in Egypt within the next week, as it is the seventh week since the virus appeared and it is considered crucial in some countries.

Zayed said that the World Health Organization warned of the possibility of an outbreak of the “Corona” virus during the sixth and seventh week, adding that as a result of previous experiences, the peak of the epidemic in these two weeks.

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