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Iranian official: Corona’s danger continues for at least two months

A report prepared by the Corona Control and Prevention Center included 5 different scenarios about the epidemic‘s progress in the country. At best, the number of deaths is estimated to be at least 7,700 people.

An Iranian official expected that the Corona pandemic will continue in the country with a high degree of severity for at least two months, as more than 2,700 people have died so far.

This came in a report published on Monday by social media, spokesman for the Council for the Development of Science, Technology and Knowledge Economy “Pervez Karimi”.

The report prepared by the Corona Control and Prevention Center included 5 different scenarios about the virus in the country.

“In the 5 cases, the virus is expected to continue with a high level of severity until the beginning of June,” according to the report.

“According to the analyzes and forecasts, Iran will fight Corona until the start of the summer season,” said Karimi. “The scope of state intervention and restrictions severely affects the decline in deaths.”

Karimi explained that the worst scenario in the report was built on the understanding that the state does not assume its responsibilities by doing nothing to confront the epidemic, and therefore it is expected that the number of deaths will reach 111 thousand.

As for the second scenario, it was assumed that the state only undertakes the task of providing information and awareness against the epidemic, at which time the death toll will reach 33 thousand.

In the third scenario, the state interferes at its lowest level, in addition to giving information and awareness to the people, and it is expected that the number of deaths in this case will reach 17,600 people.

In the fourth scenario, the number of deaths reaches 11 thousand, as the state intervenes at an intermediate level by clarifying and monitoring the rules of social distance in social circles, schools, sports, religious and cultural activities, and applying restrictions on traffic.

Iranian official: Corona's danger continues for at least two months

In the last scenario, in addition to its procedures in the fourth scenario, the state shall lay down a future plan in which it undertakes tasks such as banning traffic inside and outside the city, quarantine the cities and isolating the suspects.

In this scenario where the state intervenes at its highest level, it is estimated that the number of deaths will reach 7 thousand and 700 people at least.

On February 19, the virus appeared for the first time in Iran, in Qom, to spread to the rest of the country.

As of Monday evening, the virus infected more than 770,000 people in 199 countries and territories, of whom more than 36,000 had died, while more than 160,000 had recovered.

Italy leads the world in corona deaths, followed by Spain, but it is second only to the United States in the total number of injuries.

The spread of the virus forced many countries to close their borders, suspend flights, impose curfews, disrupt studies, cancel several events, prevent public gatherings, and close mosques and churches.

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