US coronavirus deaths is highest and China is providing aid

The highest death rates:

On Monday, the United States of America recorded the highest daily death rate due to corona virus, after registering 500 deaths in one day.

While China sent a commercial plane loaded with 80 tons of medical aid to New York.

The total number of deaths in America increased to 3001 people, as well as more than 160,000 recorded injuries, which is the largest number of confirmed injuries in the world in one country.

President Donald Trump said in a press release that more than a million Americans were examined, which is less than 3% of the population.

Trump added that the social divergence directives announced on Sunday may continue to tighten until the end of April, calling on citizens to abide by restrictions to cope with the epidemic.

US coronavirus deaths is highest and China is providing aid

Chinese aid:

On the other hand, a commercial plane loaded with 80 tons of gloves, masks, medical clothing and other equipment arrived in New York City from China, which is the first of 22 trips planned to help America cope with the epidemic.

White House officials have indicated that by early April, these planes will bring much-needed goods to the United States, which is fighting a battle against the Coruna virus.

“The plane that arrived in New York carried 130,000 N95 masks, 1.8 million face masks, a medical robe, 10 million gloves and thousands of thermometers,” said FBI spokeswoman Lizzy Letzoo.

Lizzie added that the flights will arrive in Chicago on Monday, March 30, and to Ohio on Tuesday, March 31, then supplies from there will be sent to other states through private sector distribution networks.

The US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that the United States needs 3.5 million masks if the pandemic lasts a year.

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