Export ban: Egypt bans export of body bags and medical items

The Foreign Trade Agreements and Sector of the Ministry of Industry banned the export of “body bags ” and 17 other medical and preventive items, in conjunction with the widespread spread of the Coruna virus.

The Stock Exchange website published the text of the official decision, issued by the Ministry of Industry Agreements and Foreign Trade Sector, which states the suspension of 18 medical and preventive items, including body bags.

Stop exporting medical supplies

In accordance with the decision of the “Agreements and Foreign Trade”, the exports of: “plastic glasses, plastic Elvis Shield, body bags, white and yellow protective plastic suit, all kinds of ethyl alcohol, soaps and preparations for washing of the skin, liquid and cream skin, and chlorine” were halted.

The decision also prohibited: “all disinfectants, kosloc butts, wet paper napkins, red medical waste plastic bags, latex and sterile guanids, masks, all kinds of medical thermometers, all medical protective clothing, and a tongue depressor.”

Shadi Al-Ajjar, president of the company «Ultra Med for Medical Supplies», said that the decision of the Ministry of Industry is extended for 3 months until June 17 next.

Export ban: Egypt bans export of body bags and medical items

He explained that companies associated with export contracts will resort to attaching the ministry’s decision and sending it to suppliers, which will exempt them from fines for delaying the supply.

In a parallel context, Nevin Jameh, Minister of Trade and Industry, issued two decisions during the current month of March, stopping the export of all of the surgical masks (face masks) as well as the requirements to prevent infection and alcohol of all kinds and derivatives for a period of 3 months.

Instructions for providing food commodities 

A spokesman for sisi said earlier that the coup leader, Sisi, directed the concerned agencies to provide basic commodities and enhance strategic reserves, while global concerns about food security are increasing in the midst of the Corona virus crisis.

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